Near Llandeilo

Carreg Cennen Castle

Insane, because it seems ridiculous to mention both iconic and different manmade structures so improbably in one sentence. Carreg Cennen Castle dates back to the 12th Century. If it is spotted when driving by for the first time there is an irresistible urge to pay it a visit. From its ramparts there are astonishing panoramic views; a spookily vaulted passageway and a nerve jangling, ghostly, underground cave. You can only marvel at the engineering ingenuity of Carreg Cennen’s Castle builders and the bravery of its assailants. They would have faced Herculean body sapping efforts to strain up the steep hillsides or tackle the steep cliffs supporting its formidable walls.

National Botanic Garden of Wales

From one extreme to the other and the fragile looking masterly engineered glasshouse at the National Botanic Garden has over 8,000 plants decorating 560 acres of countryside. The Gardens have a comprehensive programme of activities and plantings change throughout the season with occasionally rare flowerings of exotic plants that attract attention from around the world.

Aberglasney Gardens

Close by are the Aberglasney Gardens that have been the inspiration to poets and artists for nearly 550-years and in the last century, photographers too. It has been described without favour as the finest garden in Wales, so deserving of its heritage garden of excellence label. In addition the surrounding countryside offers the enchanting Dinefwr Castle; the Welsh Princes battlements of Dryslwyn Castle that is steeped in the Welsh history of betrayal and blood and the well preserved National Nature Reserve and Castle at Dinefwr Park and Castle.

In juxtaposition with all this splendour there is the folly of Paxton’s Tower commanding exceptional views over an extraordinarily beautiful valley.

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